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How to Make Money Following Your Passions

Monday, August 21st, 2017

Pursue Your Passions, Let the Money Follow

I am sure your have passions.  Some may be strong and others passions come in more strongly in certain circumstances.  Look at your passions.  See what you love and think about how that might benefit others.

I have a passion for healthy marriages.  I did not go into this passion to make money.  It was an existing passion and as I talked to other about this passion I discovered that most everyone enters into marriage wanting a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Happy marriages just don’t ‘happen.’  They need a lot of work, sacrifice and commitment.  This is not a marriage counseling post!  Maybe another time I can go into some helpful tips but for now I want to share how this passion it bringing in income.

I have heard about the print on demand service that Amazon has called Merch.  I am not a designer and not a very creative person and didn’t have a lot of interest in pursuing this until Chris Green kept badgering me look into it.  I signed up and had to wait months before getting into the service.

I now have a Merch account, what kind of shirts do I make? I have a son that rock climbs and so we made a few shirts on that.  I wanted a shirt to show what my husband meant to me and my designer came up with several designs.

True Love Lasts Forever

This is one of my favorites!

“True Love Never Gets Old”

After 32+ years of marriage, I love him more today than ever! Yes, it is not always great… we have our moments but over the years they do get less and less.

So here is how our ‘passion into profits’ works:

    1. o While you wait to be accepted, start brainstorming ideas
        o  Look at shirts that are selling to get ideas
        o Sign up for Merch (
      o  Remember, just because you like it doesn’t mean it will sell.
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