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You know that I am all about creating multiple streams of income.  I do it in order to retire earlier.  You may be doing it to quit you ‘job’ and pay of debt or provide extras for your family.  Whatever the reason, I recommend that you do not rely on just one stream or just one platform.

For instance, if you are selling on Amazon or eBay, you want to build that business to where it is running smoothly and then diversify.  Amazon is a great platform for selling but I will not base my entire retirement on it. I am spreading my business’ to other platforms that I have more control.

Before selling on Amazon, I did Internet marketing and consulting for clients.  One source of great ideas 101-free-marketingis Jim Cockrum’s “101 Free Marketing Ideas”.   His book provides internet-based as well as offline ideas for marketing your products.  For a limited time, he is offering the pdf version for free!  Click here to get your copy now.

I have the physical book sitting on my bookshelf.  Here are a couple of the ideas I have used to promote my products or services:

  • Videos – create a video explaining your product; create a series of videos addressing customer questions   (Chapter 13)
  • Blog – write posts on topics that your customers would be interested in.  Encourage interaction by asking questions.  (Chapter 10)
  • Embed your videos on your blog (Chapter 10)
  • Facebook – use it as a marketing tool (Chapter 46)

This is overwhelming if you try to implement all of them at once.


STEP 1 – Get your free copy of the book “Free Marketing 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business Online and Off

Step 2 – Don’t read the whole book…. Pick what you want to promote and decide what would be the best vehicle for promoting.  Typically I would start with videos and then Facebook.

If you have any questions, just let me know.


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