Organize Your Life by Brian Tracy

Is Your Life Chaos or Calm?

Everything sometimes seems chaotic! There is so much “good” stuff that we 1980397_10151971605412217_8663013747055200800_oget bogged down in doing worthwhile stuff.  But as you know, we can’t do everything we want to.  There isn’t enough time!

You need to start examining your life so you can prioritize and focus on
those things that move you in the direction you want to go.

Questions to consider:
Who are you? What do you want to do or enjoy doing? If you could work any job and not worry about income, what would you do?

(Brian, in the video below, has another interesting scenario that will get you thinking.)

What do you want from your life?
If you could only accomplish one goal, what would mean the most to your life?

Everything you do is either moving you toward your goal or taking you away from your goal.

How can I simplify my life?
There is a neat strategy of Process Simplification.  You take a look at what are the things that you can get rid of.  Some tasks may not be necessary or someone else could do or they can be done more efficiency.

Enjoy Brian’s video…

Comment below about you are combating the chaos in your life!

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