Holiday Sales – How to Maximize Your Education

During the Holiday season I take advantage of sales in two ways:

  1. Buy products to resale at a much higher margin
  2. Buy education at a discount to build my business

I just found out about a 24 hour sale on the #1 Amazon FBA Seller Course.  The regular price for this course (PAC) is normally $349 and it NEVER goes down. But for 24-hours only, November 17th, the price drops to ONLY $249!

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What is this amazing Amazon FBA product?  PAC – Proven Amazon CoursePAC Proven Amazon FBA Course

1. Invest in your online education now with the Proven Amazon Course (the PAC) and you are locked in with no future investments required when new content is added – 12+ individual courses & guides included at no additional costs to current members!

For several years now, every course Jim Cockrum and his team have created that has ANYTHING to do with selling physical products on Amazon is addepac-proven-private-labeld at no additional charge into the PAC family of courses! This means you invest once and you get updates of the most creative content indefinitely as a member of the PAC community. And, the price of PAC never goes down…until now (see below).

EXAMPLE: There are many PAC students who purchased the PAC years ago who are still actively benefiting from the steady flow of new ideas and content being added into the PAC constantly – without ever spending another penny on content!

2. Amazon sales are growing – rapidly!

Anyone paying attention knows more and more buying is done on the internet and Amazon is THE BEHEMOTH in the game. They sell tens-of-milliopac-proven-bundling-coursens of items per day. What some people don’t realize is that Amazon doesn’t actually “sell” all of those products – it can’t – the demand is too much. So, Amazon allows 3rd party sellers to offer products through their fulfillment system. It’s call Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA).

This is where PAC helps entrepreneurs profit. The Proven Amazon Course teaches you what you need to know to set up and grow a profitable, thriving FBA business – and so much more.

3. The PAC is the best in the world and it keeps getting bettpac-prove-product-bundlinger.

If you are building (or just starting to build) a business on Amazon you won’t find any other course on the market with the stacks of success stories, the track record, the reputation, the continual updates, the massive support team and the dozens of creative inventory sourcing strategies that are all under the one roof of the “PAC.” No other course even comes close to the Proven Amazon Course!pac-proven-team-buildng

EXAMPLE: Jim hears from students all the time who compare his course to far higher priced courses costing thousands or more – and they easily call the PAC a far superior choice! Visit  PAC (& enter the coupon code “thankful” in the shopping cart – no quotes) info page for hundreds of specific examples and testimonials!

4. The PAC is the ONLY place where you’ll learn the 8 figure “golden gaps” strategy!

“” or “PPI” which is taught only by Jim’s partner Brett Bartlett is the EXACT battle plan that lead Brett from $400 in the bank to an 8 figure business on Amazon.pac-proven-performance-inventory

PPI is no longer available to the public (it’s permanently closed). The ONLY way to gain access to the PPI course now is to buy the PAC course.

EXAMPLE: PPI students have learned how to force Amazon to tell them what products they should sell. No one else in the world teaches this!pac-ebay-to-amazon

Visit the below PAC info. page now and take advantage of the lowest price you’ll ever see on the #1 Amazon “how to sell” course in the world!
Enter the coupon code “thankful” in the shopping cart (no quotes)

5. The price of PAC is normally $349 and it NEVER goes down… until now during this unheard of sale for 24-hours while it’s ONLY $249.

Jim has been told hundreds of times that his course is priced waypac-az-refund-guide too low – and I agree. With a team of nearly 70 paid contributors and constantly adding new content at no additional cost, it’s shocking that he is willing to sell it at $349 – so I was floored when he told me the price is dropping to $249.

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Proven Amazon Course – PAC
Enter the coupon code “thankful” in the shopping cart (no quotes)

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