Want to Sell Custom T-Shirts — At No Cost?

Merch by Amazon is another way to make money on Amazon!

For a limited time, you can get this course for free!

Merch by Amazon allows anyone to create and sell shirts right on Amazon’s website with no upfront costs or minimum print runs. Anyone can now easily create custom branded shirts that their fans will love to wear. This course will help you get started and learn how to use the platform both optimally and creatively.

This course includes video demos of shirt designs in Adobe Photoshop as well as actual creation of an Amazon product page for a new shirt design. If you want to learn how to take advantage of this incredible new platform to not only create awesome shirts but to also make money along the way, then this course is for you.

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All you have to do is enter your name and email and you can get access to the course for free!  I have not done this yet but setting up a Merch account is one of my goals for 2017.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Holiday Sales – How to Maximize Your Education

During the Holiday season I take advantage of sales in two ways:

  1. Buy products to resale at a much higher margin
  2. Buy education at a discount to build my business

I just found out about a 24 hour sale on the #1 Amazon FBA Seller Course.  The regular price for this course (PAC) is normally $349 and it NEVER goes down. But for 24-hours only, November 17th, the price drops to ONLY $249!

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What is this amazing Amazon FBA product?  PAC – Proven Amazon CoursePAC Proven Amazon FBA Course

1. Invest in your online education now with the Proven Amazon Course (the PAC) and you are locked in with no future investments required when new content is added – 12+ individual courses & guides included at no additional costs to current members!

For several years now, every course Jim Cockrum and his team have created that has ANYTHING to do with selling physical products on Amazon is addepac-proven-private-labeld at no additional charge into the PAC family of courses! This means you invest once and you get updates of the most creative content indefinitely as a member of the PAC community. And, the price of PAC never goes down…until now (see below).

EXAMPLE: There are many PAC students who purchased the PAC years ago who are still actively benefiting from the steady flow of new ideas and content being added into the PAC constantly – without ever spending another penny on content!

2. Amazon sales are growing – rapidly!

Anyone paying attention knows more and more buying is done on the internet and Amazon is THE BEHEMOTH in the game. They sell tens-of-milliopac-proven-bundling-coursens of items per day. What some people don’t realize is that Amazon doesn’t actually “sell” all of those products – it can’t – the demand is too much. So, Amazon allows 3rd party sellers to offer products through their fulfillment system. It’s call Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA).

This is where PAC helps entrepreneurs profit. The Proven Amazon Course teaches you what you need to know to set up and grow a profitable, thriving FBA business – and so much more.

3. The PAC is the best in the world and it keeps getting bettpac-prove-product-bundlinger.

If you are building (or just starting to build) a business on Amazon you won’t find any other course on the market with the stacks of success stories, the track record, the reputation, the continual updates, the massive support team and the dozens of creative inventory sourcing strategies that are all under the one roof of the “PAC.” No other course even comes close to the Proven Amazon Course!pac-proven-team-buildng

EXAMPLE: Jim hears from students all the time who compare his course to far higher priced courses costing thousands or more – and they easily call the PAC a far superior choice! Visit  PAC (& enter the coupon code “thankful” in the shopping cart – no quotes) info page for hundreds of specific examples and testimonials!

4. The PAC is the ONLY place where you’ll learn the 8 figure “golden gaps” strategy!

“ProvenPerformanceInventory.com” or “PPI” which is taught only by Jim’s partner Brett Bartlett is the EXACT battle plan that lead Brett from $400 in the bank to an 8 figure business on Amazon.pac-proven-performance-inventory

PPI is no longer available to the public (it’s permanently closed). The ONLY way to gain access to the PPI course now is to buy the PAC course.

EXAMPLE: PPI students have learned how to force Amazon to tell them what products they should sell. No one else in the world teaches this!pac-ebay-to-amazon

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5. The price of PAC is normally $349 and it NEVER goes down… until now during this unheard of sale for 24-hours while it’s ONLY $249.

Jim has been told hundreds of times that his course is priced waypac-az-refund-guide too low – and I agree. With a team of nearly 70 paid contributors and constantly adding new content at no additional cost, it’s shocking that he is willing to sell it at $349 – so I was floored when he told me the price is dropping to $249.

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Proven Amazon Course – PAC
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Promoting Your Products for Free!

You know that I am all about creating multiple streams of income.  I do it in order to retire earlier.  You may be doing it to quit you ‘job’ and pay of debt or provide extras for your family.  Whatever the reason, I recommend that you do not rely on just one stream or just one platform.

For instance, if you are selling on Amazon or eBay, you want to build that business to where it is running smoothly and then diversify.  Amazon is a great platform for selling but I will not base my entire retirement on it. I am spreading my business’ to other platforms that I have more control.

Before selling on Amazon, I did Internet marketing and consulting for clients.  One source of great ideas 101-free-marketingis Jim Cockrum’s “101 Free Marketing Ideas”.   His book provides internet-based as well as offline ideas for marketing your products.  For a limited time, he is offering the pdf version for free!  Click here to get your copy now.

I have the physical book sitting on my bookshelf.  Here are a couple of the ideas I have used to promote my products or services:

  • Videos – create a video explaining your product; create a series of videos addressing customer questions   (Chapter 13)
  • Blog – write posts on topics that your customers would be interested in.  Encourage interaction by asking questions.  (Chapter 10)
  • Embed your videos on your blog (Chapter 10)
  • Facebook – use it as a marketing tool (Chapter 46)

This is overwhelming if you try to implement all of them at once.


STEP 1 – Get your free copy of the book “Free Marketing 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business Online and Off

Step 2 – Don’t read the whole book…. Pick what you want to promote and decide what would be the best vehicle for promoting.  Typically I would start with videos and then Facebook.

If you have any questions, just let me know.


Amazon FBA – What to Buy to Resell

Amazon FBA – Buying Criteria – Just Got Better!

If you have watched my video overview on have a resell business, you will recognize this chart. The four main criteria for deciding what to buy:resell sweet spot - Gradient

    1. Listed on Amazon – is the product you are thinking of purchasing currently listed on Amazon? (There are advanced strategies where you might want to create your own listing but that option is for another time. If you are new to Amazon FBA, stick with the basics.)
    2. Good Sales Rank – does the product have an acceptable BSR (Best Selling Rank)?   What is best for you depends on your business strategy.  (Get a free chart here which will show you the various ranks for the different categories.)
    3. Few Sellers – how many sellers are on this listing.  The more sellers the more volatile the pricing will probably be.  This is not always the case but if there are 100 sellers on a listing there is no predicting what will happen with the pricing.
    4. Good ROI – If you sell this product at it’s current price, how much money will you make?  I calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) on every product that I sell – pre and post sale.


A few thoughts on sales rank: many people just look at a number and not the history.  That is very dangerous because the sales rank is very volatile for many products.  However understanding the history will show you with more accuracy what the product has done and is doing now and allows you to more intelligently predict what the product will probably do short term.

There is a free chart called

Classic Decision-Making Charts
Last Updated: August 5, 2016

Here is a partial screen shot:

amazon fba best selling rank decision chart

Along the left column are the various categories of products on Amazon. Next are the total number of items being sold in that category.  The next series of columns show you the top 1%, 3%, 5%, 10% and 50% numbers.

Here is an example; if I only want to sell products that are the top 5% of the Baby category, I need to buy items to resell which are currently under 85,000 in rank.

What you chose is based on your business model.  Some like fast turns and therefore look for items that are less than 1% of the category.

Next time I will talk about sales velocity… :o)

Amazon ASIN Blocking – Should You Panic?

The latest ‘hot topic’ among Amazon sellers has been blocked ASINs.  That means that sellers have tried to send in inventory for FBA shipment and Amazon has blocked certain products.

I would be surprised if many of you have seen this problem.  inventory-health-report-amazon

If you want to see if you have any blocked ASINs, go to Reports –> Fulfillment –> Inventory Health and download a report.  Scroll through the column titles and look for ASINs Blocked.

Jim Cockrum just recorded a call with some candid discussion on Amazon Blocking ASINs.  You will get some great insights on Jim’s take and a few ideas on how to turn this restriction into an opportunity!

If you have any questions, please ask below.


Organize Your Life by Brian Tracy

Is Your Life Chaos or Calm?

Everything sometimes seems chaotic! There is so much “good” stuff that we 1980397_10151971605412217_8663013747055200800_oget bogged down in doing worthwhile stuff.  But as you know, we can’t do everything we want to.  There isn’t enough time!

You need to start examining your life so you can prioritize and focus on
those things that move you in the direction you want to go.

Questions to consider:
Who are you? What do you want to do or enjoy doing? If you could work any job and not worry about income, what would you do?

(Brian, in the video below, has another interesting scenario that will get you thinking.)

What do you want from your life?
If you could only accomplish one goal, what would mean the most to your life?

Everything you do is either moving you toward your goal or taking you away from your goal.

How can I simplify my life?
There is a neat strategy of Process Simplification.  You take a look at what are the things that you can get rid of.  Some tasks may not be necessary or someone else could do or they can be done more efficiency.

Enjoy Brian’s video…

Comment below about you are combating the chaos in your life!

Retire When You Want

Are You Too Old to Do What You Love?

Feel like you are too old to start selling online?

I have coached hundreds of women in their 50’s and 60’s!  It is so encouraging to see
these women want to jump into the world of online selling at a mature age!  :o)

I really enjoy Marie Foleo!  Below is her video on “am I too old”.  Yes, I do want to
smack the 24 year old who thought she was too old to get started.

Retire when you want by getting started today!
PS I started a new business in my late 50’s!  It is successful!  Don’t wait!


Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest continues to grow and is evolving into a serious player in the social media world.  Late last year they realized that business support was essential to their continued growth.  Now they are building their ‘business’ offerings by adding analytics.

Pinterest Analytics – Improve Your Pins!

pinterest analytics for your business

My clients can look at Google Analytics and tell how many visitors they are getting from Pinterest. They can tell how long they stay on the website and the bounce rate.

What Pinterest is now giving is even more tools for a business that is using Pinterest to promote their brand.

Watch this video for an overview:

Pinterest Web Analytics Walkthrough from Pinterest on Vimeo.

Note: This video is from Vimeo; we had several complaints from members that couldn’t watch the video so we embedded it here.

Pinterest Analytics helps you to analyze your pins and traffic and determine where you need to focus to maximize this media for your business!

Here are the 4 areas covered with Pinterest analytics:

  1. Pins and Pinners
  2. Repins and Repinners
  3. Impressions and Reach
  4. Clicks and Visitors

NOTE: Vary the analytics time frane to look for trends.

Why is this important for you?

  • Pinning Activity
    Track the visitors pinning from your site or who see your pins and click your content.
  • What do Pinners Like?
    Discover which pins are getting the highest repins as well as who did the pinning and other pins these people had.  (You can use this information to tweak your boards and website.)

In order to see these Pinterest analytics, you need to have a business account
a verified website.

The circle around the check mark indicates that my website is verified.

pinterest business verified

To get to your analytics, go to your name in the upper right corner, click the drop down arrow and look for analytics.  (Note: Don’t be surprised if you don’t see anything now. It takes some time for them to start showing the data.)

If you don’t see ‘Analytics’ in the menu, go to business.pinterest.com/verfiy to make sure your business/website is verified.

PS Pinterest is just one of the free tools we teach our students who want to sell their creations online.

Online Image Hosting – For Your Creations

If you don’t have a website, use image hosting websites!

You don’t have to have a web site to have pictures of your creations on the Internet.  There are plenty of free image hosting websites!

If you are going to sell your stuff online, you need to have pictures of what you have created!

I recently did a Google search to see which photo hosting site got the best reviews.



I was pleased to see that my favorite site was #1!

I have used several over the past 8 years: Photobucket, Flickr and Picassa.

Of those 3 Photobucket has been my favorite!

Why I like Photobucket:

  1. Simple to use
  2. Free
  3. Easy to copy a URL for your image to use with other services
  4. Easy to upload images
  5. Easy to share images

Photobucket has several other great functions but most of them I don’t need and therefore don’t use.   When I go to Photobucket, there is a clear upload button.  That is the first thing I want to do is upload my images.

They have drag and drop feature which is easy to use.  I can also add from Facebook or a URL.  (You can also just open a window and pick the images to upload.)  There is a dropdown menu so I can pick the album I want to upload to or create a new album.

You can use up to 2GB for free.  If you need more space, you can upgrade at reasonable prices.

In the right sidebar there is a widget called links.  You can get links to the picture or the page where the picture is or even various HTML code.  I use the ‘Direct Link’ option 95% of the time!

Photobucket also provides a stat tracker so that you can see which pictures are the most popular and how many impressions there have been for that image. You can even track where the visitors came from.

However, Photobucket is not the only site.  This site gives the top ten for 2013 with several details of the pros and cons.  Pick which one is easiest for you to work with  and start using it!

Make sure that you display your creations/wreaths well so that others can see their beauty and want to buy from you.

Linda Joseph



Highlighting Wendy Shields, a VIP Private Coaching Student…

Summer Workshops at Ladybug Wreaths Studio Have Been AMAZING!

Wendy and Her Beautiful Wreath

My VIP, Private, and group workshops this summer have been totally amazing!  I have formed friendships with ladies which will NEVER be forgotten.

As each day of learning wreath design, bow-making, laughter, fun & smiles ends, my heart is always filled to overflowing.  I watch ladies who have captured special places in my heart, load their cars and drive off with beautiful smiles covering their faces.

You see…I know the doors that have been opened for them after a day of gaining confidence in their own skills.  I know the amazing opportunities which await.  I know the excitement and joy they will feel as they arrive home “itching” to get started on their own, and knowing “They CAN DO it”!

Oh, how I wish those types of doors had been available to me in the beginning when I started my business all alone, with practically no help.  That is why I, personally, enjoy these days as much, or more, than my students do!

Not a single wreath has left my studio which could not be put online to be sold immediately!  They are ALL beautiful!  I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of many of these, and certainly agree with me.

So, today… we are…


Highlighting Wendy Shields, a VIP Private Student…



Yes, it is absolutely true!  And what an amazing job she did!!

Wendy contacted me some time ago.  She was in the process of taking over their family business, the “Haymore Garden Center”.  Wendy has lots of new and exciting ideas as well as new lines she will be introducing into their garden center.  But, there was one thing she really wanted to be able to offer their faithful customers.  And that one thing was something she had no experience, and was not trained in…custom designed, one-of-a kind wreaths.


[sws_green_box box_size=”630″]

Note From Wendy:

“My VIP session was wonderful!! I felt so at ease with you and the way you teach put me in a good place and ready to learn and absorb all of your knowledge and talent. No Pressure!! I had no doubt in my mind that I could bring what I learned from you and the tools you gave me and practice and make beautiful wreaths.

Well, my first wreath officially “on my own” was sold before it was even displayed on the wall!! The salesperson still had it in her hand and it sold. beginners luck? Maybe not. The next wreath sold very quickly as well. I’m working hard and looking back at your wreaths to draw ideas for my own.

Your way of using ribbon is so unique and different and I think that is what is drawing many customers to this style of wreath.

Thanks so much for all of your help! Wendy”


Although Wendy had made bows before, she had never made a wreath.  She drove a long way from Virginia, and spent the night to get an early start the day of our workshop.  She wanted to make sure she received as much instruction as she could in one day.  The VIP, Private Coaching, was the best way for Wendy to develop her skills — and that she did, in such an amazing way!

Wendy is very talented, and, as a student, she was very easy to teach.  She was also a joy and such a pleasure to work with.  She received hands-on training exclusively with me, as well as tips and hints from my design assistant, Kim, and from another VIP student, Beverly who filled in as our photographer and videographer for the day.

Having Way Too Much Fun


Workshop Student hard at work


Wendy left that day with three different styles of wreaths made and ready for sale — that is if she can convince herself to sell her first wreath!  They ARE very special, and she didn’t know if she wanted to let go of these particular ones or not.  So, I suggested that she go ahead and put them on display in her store with signs saying more are on the way!

Nancy and Wendy Beautiful Wreath




Since Wendy’s VIP special training day with me, we have gotten together online with some additional Facebook training for the Garden Center’s Facebook Page!   And, Wendy has been working very hard preparing to take over her new position on August 1 – just a couple days from now.

I just looked at the Haymore Landscaping and Garden Center Facebook page, and saw many of Wendy’s new wreaths ready for sale.  If you would like to check out their page, here is the link:  https://www.facebook.com/HaymoreLandscapingAndGardenCenter.  I’m sure they would appreciate it if you would “LIKE” their page!

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