About Us

doug-linda-utilaDoug and I have been married for over 30 years!  We look forward to leaving the corporate world and working on our schedule.

We have plans to retire to an island in the Caribbean.  When I say ‘retire’ I don’t mean sit on the beach and sip a drink.  (Well, we will do that ocassionaly!) I mean we are going to be building and running our own businesses while down there.

We have so much fun together we don’t want to wait until Doug is 65 so we are planning our ‘early’ retirement.  A key component: the passive streams of income I have built and will continue to build.

We would leave today but we have two kids in college and we want to get them on their own.  They have a four year runway!

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Doug and Linda
PS This picture was taken at the top of the highest point on the island.